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Are they bright yellow with black stripes? Are they very smooth mainly yellow with black stripes? Is it in the roof of your house? Are they coming from a round nest in a tree? Is there a nest in the shed? Do they have a high pitched buzz? Are they interested in sweet sugary foods?


Are they round and very hairy with yellow, white or orange bands on their tails/bottoms? Are they like stripy footballs? Do they make a very loud buzzing sound? Are they living in an old bird box, a compost heap, under the decking, a hole in the ground?

Are they very big with a loud buzz? Are they black and brown with a hint of orange? Are they living in the roof or a shed? Do they have a very big curved tail?



To confirm what sort of bees or insects you need help with, and to enable you to take the best course of action,

 please use the following questions and guidelines:

Our Beekeepers will do all they can to remove honey bees for you.

However, they cannot be called out to assist with other

types of bees or insects!


Do they have golden brown or dark brown bands? Are they slightly furry? Are they formed in a clump hanging from a tree, gate post, chimney? Are there thousands of them swirling around in the air? Are they the same size as a house fly?


We are sorry, but it does not look like we are able to help you.

Please check through this page again, particularly the pictures, and if you cannot identify the insect that is giving you problems, we can only suggest that you contact Calderdale Council Pest Control Department or a private pest control company.

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