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I x Thornes tabletop honey extractor 1 x stainless double sieve 1 x uncapping knife 1 x uncapping fork. Would like £100 for all or thereabouts. Will sell individually.

Also have  1 x jumbo rapid feeder 1 x English feeder & 1 x ashforth feeder all for £50 or would sell separately.

Lisa Dillon

07834 392715


All of the hives and components are National British Standard from Thorne’s. I’ve included where I can in brackets after each item how much they cost to buy new.

1 National Feeder Eke (new £6.40) £3.00

2 travelling screens (new £17.45 each) £7.00

2 hive tool and frame lifters (new £10.00 each, one is unused) £3.00 and £6.00

2 other hive tools £3.00 each

1 hive brush (new £12.00) £6.00

1 manipulation cloth (new £25.00) £12.00

Frame rest £3.00

4 foam entrance closures free

2 mouseguards  £1.00 each

Approx 50 spacers 50p

Box of frame nails £3.00

2 English feeders (new £10.50 each) £5.00 each

2 Rapid feeders (new £3.58 each) £1.50 each

super frame components comprising of top bars, side bars, bottom bars £10.00

Brood and Super foundation £4.00

2 BS deep dummy boards (new £6.12 each, one unused) £3.00 each

12.5 kg. Unopened syrup feed (new £21.00) £12.00

1 table top extractor, used for one day (new £238.00) £115.

1 custom made wooden box for standing frames in when inspecting, quite heavy so only useful if bees are kept near storage. Would accept £15.00.

The following items are completely new and unused.

1 assembled, complete 1st. Quality Cedar hive with stand (new £382.50 without stand) New and unused, would accept £280.00

1 assembled  2nd. Quality Cedar hive with stand, without supers (new £257.00) New and unused, would accept £110.00.

Marguerite Penny

01706 810180


Pack of 50 x 20ml glass vials with caps. Suitable for preparation of materials for mounting on microscope slides. Packs free to HBKA Members.  

David Holmes

07503 570568

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