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Also known as Yellow Legged Hornet

Some of it’s most distinguishing features are:

  • The thorax and first 3 segments of the abdomen are very dark.
  • The 4th abdominal segment is a yellow / orange.
  • The legs are predominantly yellow.
  • The folded wings are longer than the abdomen.
  • The head is dark on top and orange at the front.

Start monitoring for its arrival in your apiary now!

Build a simple monitoring trap using a plastic pop bottle and a few other household items. This BBKA video will show you how.

The HBKA action plan in the event they do arrive in one of our members’ apiaries has not yet been formulated, so in the meant time, please follow this BBKA guidance.

Asian Hornet (Vespa Velutina)


The arrival of Asian hornets in Deavonshire in 2017.

This Video provides a critical look at the first sightings and subsequent actions surrounding the arrival of Asian hornets in Woolacombe.

The Asian hornet Action Team (AHAT) Website.

An all encompassing site providing everything from AHAT reason d’etre to identification and proposed actions.

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